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Recital FAQ

    1. Are all dancers required to participate in the recital?
      No, the recital is not mandatory. However, dance is a performing art and performing in the recital will help your child grow as a dancer and will build lasting confidence. All dancers will learn routine during class time
    2. Will my child be in all day/show times?
      No, each class is assigned a specific show time and day. The show list will be posted in the studio & emailed in our newsletter on April 1st, 2018.
    3. Will I automatically be signed up for the recital?
      No, to sign up for the recital, you must turn in the costume agreement form by 3/1/18 or 3/15/18. There will be a box in the lobby where you can turn your completed form in. The card on file will then be charged for the costume(s).
    4. When is deadline to sign-up for the recital?
      March 1st Deadline #1 or March 2nd through March 15th #2 Deadline (which will include a $15 extra fee)
    5. Can I put siblings on the same costume agreement form?
      No, each dancer must have their own costume agreement form.
  1. Are siblings or students with more than 1 class guaranteed to be in the same show?
    No, we try our best to accommodate families with more than one child and students who take more than 1 class, but we cannot guarantee they will be in the same show.
  2. What if my child changes classes after I have turned in the costume agreement form?
    You must fill out a new costume agreement form and turn it into the box at the front desk by deadline.
  3. Are costume refundable?
    No, all costume orders are non-refundable.
  4. What if I have more than 1 child?
    Siblings are not guaranteed to be in the same show. We try our best to put them in the same show, but it is not guaranteed. You may be in multiple shows if you have more than 1 dance as well.
  5. Can I buy tickets for the recital at the studio?
    No, all ticket purchases must be made online at www.tututix.com/fancyfeetdance between May 1st-June 20th. If you do not get tickets online during that time, you will have to purchase them at the box office the day of the show. But, we cannot guarantee that the shows will not sell out.
  6. Do parents get free tickets to the recital?
    No, anyone that is planning on seeing the show must purchase a ticket from www.tututix.com/fancyfeetdance . To rent out a professional venue, we must charge for tickets. Tickets range from $15/$20/$25.
  7. Is there a maximum amount of tickets I can purchase?
    No, you can purchase as many tickets as you would like for family and friends.
  8. Do dancers participating in the recital need a ticket?
  9. Do dancers have to stay backstage for the whole show?
    Yes, all dancers are required to stay backstage during the entire show.
  10. Can I wait backstage with my child during the show?
    You can only wait backstage with your child if your sign-up as a parent volunteer. Parent volunteer signups will be posted in the studio lobby on April 1st.