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Our Classes

Fancy Feet Dance Academy offers a wide variety of Dance Styles for all ages, from Toddler Classes to Adult/Professional Training. Please explore our styles below to find the best fit for you! To see our full class schedule, please click the link to your right, or here for Class Schedule.


Dancers will learn the fundamentals of ballet, tap and tumbling. Each class dancers will do a portion of tap, ballet and tumbling. They will learn rudimentary steps and terminology (skips, hopping on one foot, flaps, shuffles, forward rolls, etc.). They will learn proper class etiquette, e.g.: learning how to wait their turn and raising their hand when they have a question. They will develop stronger gross motor skills, listening abilities and develop confidence.

Ballet/Tap Level 1

Class will include 40 minutes of tap and 20 minutes of ballet. Dancers will learn fundamental ballet and tap steps and terminology. Class will include warm-up, across the floor and center work. Students will develop stronger coordination, memory and listening skills. They will learn how to link movement together and develop self-confidence.

Ballet/Tap Level 2

Dancers should be confident in the fundamental steps and terminology from ballet/tap level 1. This class will move at a faster pace and they will learn more advance technique.

Jazz/Tap Level 1

Fundamental jazz/tap class. Dancers will learn basic jazz and tap steps and terminology including: jazz walk, chaine turns, flaps, cramp rolls, and heel digs. Class will include warm-up with stretches, across the floor and center routines. This class will help develop strength, flexibility, rhythm, and musicality.

Jazz/Tap Level 2

Dancers are expected to have a master steps learned in jazz/tap level 1. They should feel confident with terminology and basic technical skills. The class moves at a faster pace and will work on more advance skills including double turns, triplet turns, pull backs, and leaps. Dancers will develop strength, flexibility, and the ability to pick up choreography at a faster pace.

Princess Ballet/Tap

Will teach the basics of ballet & tap & incorporates creative movement exercises to engage the children's imagination. Variety of props will be used including: wands, bears & scarves. Princess themed music & traditional ballet & tap is used.

Princess Ballet/Tumbling

Learn basics of ballet &tumbling & incorporates creative movement exercises to engage the children's imagination. Variety of props will be used including: wands & bears. Princess themed music & traditional ballet used. Learn basic tumbling.


High energy class that teaching the fundamentals of the jazz. Includes full body warm-up, across the floor & center movement. Develop musicality & enjoy the upbeat popular music used.


Fusion of jazz, lyrical & ballet. Includes warm-up, across the floor & choreography. Learn how to tell a story through using movement. Develop strength, flexibility & confidence.


Combining both hip hop and cheer technique, this class is a high energy fun class. They will learn basic tumbling tricks & will also do across the floor & hip hop choreography. Use pom poms and learn some positive cheers.

Musical Theater

A class that teaches the dancers how to be triple threats. They learn how to sing, dance and act all at the same time.

Ballet/Hip Hop

A class that is great for dancers who want to experience the elegance of the ballet technique and the fun upbeat energy of hip hop.

Jazz/Hip Hop

Learn sharpness and precision of hip hop as well as the fluidity, & grace of jazz dancing. Learn jazz fundamentals.


Designed to strengthen dancers' ankles & feet to prepare them for pointe shoes. Must have previous ballet training.

Performance Group

A non-competitive dance group that performs at community events. Required to audition and take performance group class & 1 technique class.


An audition based Dance Company. Is only for the serious dancer that wants to perform. The company performs at competitions, fairs, & community events.