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Things to Know About the Recital

  • Participating in the recital is OPTIONAL but highly encouraged. Dance is a performing art and the recital the way to showcase all the skills your dancer has been learning in class throughout the year.
  • To sign up for the recital you must fill out a COSTUME ORDER FORM and turn it in by either March 1st or March 15th. (If you choose the March 15th deadline, a $10 expedited shipping fee is added to the cost)
  • Once you turn in your costume form, you are locked into that specific class until after the recital is over.
  • Siblings and dancers with multiple classes are not guaranteed to be in the same show. We try our best to accommodate everyone but sometime is just not possible to get everyone in the same show.
  • If the costume size you select on your costume order form does not fit when you receive your costume, Fancy Feet is not responsible for alterations or exchanges.

Cost to Participate

  • Costume Fee- each costume is $75+tax.
    • Deadline 1 is March 1st and your card on file will automatically be charged with March tuition for theses prices listed below.
    • We offer three different packages
      • Package 1 $75+ tax includes: costume & 1 pair of tights
      • Package 2 $110+tax includes: costume, tights & DVD pre-order
      • Package 3 $115+tax includes: costume, tights, & Blue Ray pre-order
      • For dancers with multiples classes: you initially select package 1, 2 or 3 and then each additional costume is $65. You will only receive 1 pair of tights.
  • Deadline 2 is March 15th and a $10 fee will be added to the prices listed above. The card on file will automatically be charged on 3/15/19
  • There is no sibling discount on costumes.